TruthGPT can change the world: “a maximum truth seeking AI that tries to understand the nature of the universe”

  • Elon Musk to start ChatGPT rival called “TruthGPT”: a maximum truth seeking AI that tries to understand the nature of the universe
    • PC has totally warped our understanding of the social1 and political Universe
  • @ElonMusk discusses creating an alternative to OpenAI, TruthGPT, because it is being trained to be politically correct and to lie to people. [BREAKING]

They have no idea about the gigantic size of revolutionary information that will escape the Pandora Box they are opening. Total Honesty2 is a total world changer. It causes a TruthRevolution that has been held back by inSincerity3

Free #TrueSpeech will reveal has the fundamental belief that social and political problems are solved better if the face the WHOLE TRUTH! Not by leftist false manipulated theorizing!

Elon Musk tells Tucker his plans to create a ‘TruthGPT’ AI platform

Introduction – TruthGPT – Whitepaper

TruthGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) chat bot that utilizes online databases to quickly compile information for its users.

TruthGPT ensures an unbiased approach by collecting data from a broad range of both credible and alternative sources to support its claims.

The TruthGPT AI chat bot is free to use via Telegram or our integrated web application!

Development is funded through an indirect connection to the official TruthGPT cryptocurrency ($TRUTH). To get started, join the official TruthGPT community or simply message the chat bot privately.




TruthGPT will become the world’s most trustworthy and leading AI chat bot.


Our mission is to revolutionize the artificial intelligence industry through unbiased communication that crosses political and religious boundaries and is devoid of prejudice. TruthGPT will encourage the growth of all user’s intellectual horizons by incorporating non-traditional perspectives to challenge the standard narrative (if desired.)

As the data-repository expands; advanced, citation-worthy responses can be trusted for use in academic and professional environments.


Our vision is to become the most trustworthy and unbiased source of information for everyone; eventually resulting in a self-improving AI that also provides visual output to enhance the user experience.




What is TruthGPT and why was it created?

[…]Inspired by a viral tweet from Elon Musk, TruthGPT aims to provide the world with one essential thing; the truth. By accessing information from some of the largest databases in the world, TruthGPT has been programmed to surpass its predecessor, ChatGTP and provide reliable, unbiased results. Users now have access to narratives and perspectives that would otherwise be kept hidden. TruthGPT is not just an AI chat bot.

TruthGPT is a become a beacon of honesty and enlightenment. It is a symbol of freedom. It is a light to guide us out of the dark and biased narratives thrust upon us by the forces in power.

TruthGPT is also a community.

A community of Truth Seekers, with a singular goal. See the world for what it is, ask the ultimate questions, support each other on a journey to uncover the truth in all aspects of life. The journey began February 18th, 2023… one day after Elon Musk tweeted “What we need is TruthGPT”. Starting out as a meme-coin on the Binance Smart Chain, TruthGPT ($TRUTH) was publicly launched and trading commenced on PancakeSwap. The next day, on February 19th, the first version of the TruthGPT AI bot was released on Telegram.

Seekers around the globe have been accessing the bot for free, allowing them to cast aside the shackless of ignorance wipe away the yoke of ignorance.

All journies begin with but a single step and this is the very beginning.

TruthGPT continues it’s mission to enlighten the world… and most importantly, uncover the hidden yet essential truths of life.


  1. Psychology findings all wrong: Dogmatical ignorance of genetics is the main reason, followed by finagling results until they conform to PC beliefs.Nurture Assumption Judith Rich Harris: The Nurture Assumption by Judith Rich Harris devastatingly shows: All of social science research is wrong, because they tacitly that only nurture counts, there is no genetic inborn hereditary behavior component
  2. Social acceptance of PC‘s dishonesty is the original sin .
  3. “Diversity is strength” is UNFALSIFIABLE #2 –due to PC speech ..
  4. Relentless truth telling to fight the destruction of schools

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