“We are right and they’re wrong”. You know what happens when blacks get rid of white people? They get Haiti! (Jared Taylor, Amren)

Jared Taylor is 4HONESTY(for honesty). His Amren website (Videos) tells the truth missing in MSM, adds the facts that are missing to get FULL DISCLOSURE of all facets of the WHOLE TRUTH1. Here Jared Taylor states what needs to be done to expose, oppose, and end brainwashing. Others speak half truths: Larry Elder tells half truths, courageously2, similarly Ann Coulter, Dan Bongino, and, yes, Ron deSantis

What is Ron DeSantis going to say if someone asks him flat out: “How do you explain black poverty and crime?

Are you telling us black people are inferior, Mr. DeSantis?” How’s he going to answer? Mumble something about absent fathers and a culture that doesn’t value education? “Don’t you realize white slave traders destroyed their culture, Mr. DeSantis?”[Source: Higher Education is Brainwashing, Part II]

Dishonesty as a Method to Fight Racism 1

There is no way out for white people unless they can look blacks and Hispanics in the eye and say, “You are poor, in prison, and do worse in school because of who you are. It’s not – I repeat, not – our fault. In fact, you are the most coddled and petted minorities in the history of the world. You know what happens when blacks get rid of white people? They get Haiti.

They get Zimbabwe. They get East Saint Louis. And now they’re getting South Africa.”

Yes, the real life experiment has been done over and over. Remove Whites from Government, have Blacks run a city, a state, or a country. Disaster ensues. Even the best run black countries do not remotely compare to white countries. But scientific facts must be covered up. Only Amren has articles comparing the old and the new South Africa.

Could Ron DeSantis say that? Could Donald Trump? Can even one American elected official or college professor say that? Until we can tell and defend the truth, we have to live by someone else’s truth,

actually, we live by someone else’s untruth, by scientific falsehood. But most people deeply believe in this untruth.

and we have lost the argument before we even open our mouths. If you don’t dare talk about race, every bit of woke lunacy follows naturally, and you can’t explain why it’s lunacy.

YES. Everything false can be derived from one false premise (f ⇒ f

We have a huge advantage. We’re right and they’re wrong. So, what’s the problem? Cowardice. Cowardice that would astonish and mortify our ancestors. And we will never win if we are afraid even to fight. [Higher Education is Brainwashing, Part II]

4Honesty.com systematically laser-focuses on this singular issue. Telling the taboo truth is necessary and sufficient to cause change3


  1. Don’t take my, or Jared Taylor’s word for it. We do not vouch for the absolute truth of Jared Taylor’s statements.

    4HONESTY insists on full disclosure of all relevant information, of all hypotheses, for further analysis and verification.

    Jared Taylor presents sensible Hypotheses.
    PC wants to shut them down as “HateSpeech”, aka #HateFacts.

  2. Larry Elder tells the truth, nothing but the truth. But not the whole truth. Race differences in IQ, crime, impulsiveness, deferred gratification, must never be mentioned. Larry Elder tells half truths, courageously,

  3. Sincerity.net


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