TOTAL HONESTY & FULL DISCLOSURE are necessary to reverse Western Decline

0 – Dishonesty has destroyed Western Societies

Politically correct gag orders prohibit #TrueSpeech. These gag orders are socially acceptable, even mandatory.

In North America NYT, AP, Reuters, NABJ, SPJ, Globe, and in Germany, Spain, Russia, Serbia, Finland, Hungary, Belarus, Pakistan’s media stylebook “ethics” PROHIBIT reporting race or religion of “minority” criminals. “The robbers were black” or “the child rapists were Pakistani Muslims”, must not be told, even when 100% factually true. YET “White Kills Black” is Fit to Print.

PC “ethics” code mandate to censor #HateFacts. Obligatory omission of true facts, to avoid “prejudice”, reduce sympathy and votes for “the Right”*1 make a mockery of the democratic ideal of the informed voter.

People are unaware that PC DECEPTION IS MANDATORY

Such censorship flies under the radar2, is rarely exposed, much less opposed.

Decades of such mandatory bias in reporting and education3 has caused generations of brainwashed4 citizens, misinformed scientists and teachers. Measurably false beliefs cause warped world views (CRT, BLM, DEI, Quotas) and unintended scientific, political, and voting decisions.

There is profound unawareness of multi-level coverup, and that Black crime rates are much worse than statistics indicate! categorically opposes ALL violation of TOTAL HONESTY, of FULL DISCLOSURE in reporting, in politics, in social and natural sciences (with rare exceptions).

1 – (TOTAL, UTTER, SCIENTIFIC) HONESTY must be our singular, axiomatic, non-negotiable rule:

(in social sciences, journalism, in public life and politics).

We must cancel the religion of Politically Correct (PC) omissions! Replace it with the religion of Complete Honesty!

2 – TOTAL Honesty means COMPLETE TRUTHFULNESS, FULL DISCLOSURE of the WHOLE TRUTH, no omissions, no cherry-picking!

The mere absence of lies is not enough. (Scientific) honesty requires revealing of all relevant facts, FULL DISCLOSURE of:

3 – Utter Honesty must be a non-negotiable prerequisite for journalism, science, and all political debates BECAUSE:

… because the slightest lie, even lie by omission, violates fundamental principles

    • of mathematical logic: one false premise corrupts the entire logical system11 * 13, BLM, CRT, diversity14 * 15
    • of science (scientific honesty and scientific method)16
    • of democracy (the fully informed voter)17
    • of the law (“misrepresentation” by lack of full disclosure)18
    • of the Bible (“So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.”  James 4:17)19
    • of our axiomatic “religious” rule that we posit20




4) COMPLETE HONESTY gives us the MORAL HIGH GROUND to defy DISHONEST PC’s21 racism cudgel

      1. They call us “racist”, we call them “cheaters”. Honesty is our moral high ground22 xxx
      2. Long march through institutions is dishonest deception ..: Institutions are taken over by Leftist parasites, stop exercising their original functions, and become Leftist propaganda mills.
        Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing [O’Sullivan] [Robert Conquest]
      3. we respect people, and tell them WHOLE truth. We don’t gag police23, academics, nor media (with “anti-racist” #PCGagOrder.)

            1. We expose and oppose PC’s cynical view of people, they think factually true #HateFacts must be withheld from people to avoid “prejudice24


              1. It is our complete honesty vs. PC deceiving the voting population and PC inciting lies. PC fears the informed voter!
              2. If telling the FACTS, or likely truths, is “racist”25, we cannot help it. Honesty is our religion.
            • The proper usage of the word “Racism”&& is dishonest.
            • “Racism” is ill defined. It is blatantly DISHONEST to use multiple meanings, with the intent to manipulate. &&&& The misleading dishonest definition of “racism”Dishonest definition of “racism”
            • We vehemently oppose the Racism Exception to Honest Civilized Behavior that #1 mandates Media dishonesty . and #2 normalizes deception and justifies violence
            • Silencing legitimate discussion with the “racism”, “islamophobia”, “misogyny” or “extreme right wing” cudgel is an unacceptable demand for lying-by-omission. We must allow mention of #RacistFacts and other #HateFacts26 to be told.
            • Thus, fanatical intolerance of lies, omissions, of deception is a MUST! “A liar is not believed even when he speaks the truth.” Once caught lying, credibility lost: Fool me twice, shame on me! 27 /li>
              We do NOT focus on any one instance of one single omission or lie28.


            5 – Why is TOTAL HONESTY DOGMA a revolutionary, world changing philosophy?

            5.1) One simple rule solves many of Western society’s failures.

        Police gag order to protect national minorities from discrimination …

        Police Sergant Lori Lavorato fired for telling racist truth

      4. When told the whole truth people will become prejudiced “racists” and genocidal “Nazis”, assumes PC. Mandatory omissions are the hallmark of PC
        (Don’t mention “the rapists were Pakistani Muslims”)
        Omissions are dishonest! We shun deception, deception must be abolished. PC dishonesty is NOT  “virtuous”.
  1. From one lie all other PC nonsense follows: Everything false can be derived from one false premise (f ⇒ f)
  2. We can dispute, but not ignore nor hide:
    The Truth is Racist, races are different: Anti-racism is so detrimental because the truth is racist.  Anti-Racist theory is factually wrong, science debunked its tenets beyond reasonable doubt.
    [truth telling is “racist”]
  3. Our media gag orders pretend to ban “racist” untruths, but shows that it is “not permissible” to tell blatantly true facts (the minority race or religion of the suspect), with deadly consequences as documented in &&Ferguson effect&& [Telford][Million victims] [Cologne New Year] [Sweden][Finland]
  4. Yes, this applies to the New York Times, to Joe Biden too! && cite a few lies ….. Russia hoax, 
  5. We do not get side-tracked by arguing, for example, if race differences in IQ or crime are true or not. Our unique focus is that we demand full disclosure of the whole truth.  The race-difference-hypothesis is reasonable enough to require mention.
  6. sexist, islamophobe, xenophobe
  7. or worse: liars, cheaters, deceptive, untruthful
  8. dishonest (adjective)


  9. We stop (black) live saving stop-and-frisk

    We unjustly make violence-against-women-act, which are blatantly anti-male

    • Science Fraud (DV) by PC:
      Female domestic violence is rampant, violates the feminist politically correct narrative. This leading academic researcher describes all the tricks hw this fraud is committed.

    Quotas, BLM, CRT are all based on junk science and repression of race realism and gag orders that make them unfalsifiable

    Unfalsifiable theories cannot be taken seriously. Except by post-modernist junk science. One of the tenets behind the scientific method is that any scientific …