Why is UTTER HONESTY a revolutionary concept? (SCIENTIFIC HONESTY-dogma! #2)

ABSOLUTE, (SCIENTIFIC) HONESTY must be the non-negotiable, dogmatic rule
   in public life, in journalism, politics, social sciences.

“Honesty” means the #WholeTruth and nothing but the truth. FULL DISCLOSURE3 of the WHOLE-TRUTH is the dogma of our religion. We must rescind the PC-religion of strategic omissions4, of cherry-picking, and of gag orders.Biden-factcheck-inflation11

Mandatory truthfulness, one-pointed non-compromising HONESTY, full disclosure of the whole truth is .

  1. is a simple, self evident requirement for social sciences.
    It is amazing, that
    mandatory wholesale
    has ever become the rule of politics and journalism. Cherry-picking and omission of relevant truths (aka
    #Hatefacts) can only lend support to false narratives (which seems to be the intention). Discussing the
    WHOLE-TRUTH leads to correct analyses and theories.
  2. is an elegant, simple, parsimonious explanation of all ills that befell
    Western societies
    of failed policies and false social sciences.
    Deception and lack of honesty is the root cause of false social sciences: (denial
    of individual differences, group differences, of IQ, of inborn
    hereditary traits, the SSSM),
    and ensuing false policies
  3. … is our the
    moral high ground
    We, being COMPLETELY TRUTHFUL, assume the moral high ground

    1. we respect people, and tell them WHOLE truth.
    2. PC has a cynical view of people: factually true #HateFacts must be withheld
      from people. When told the whole truth people will become prejudiced “racists”
      and genocidal “Nazis”, assumes PC.
    3. It is our complete honesty vs. PC deceiving the voting
      and PC inciting lies. PC fears the informed voter!
    4. We have a one-pointed single issue: full disclosure, complete truthfulness.
      No censoring #TrueSpeech about
  4. … requires us to expose and oppose 70 years of incessant media lies,
    socially accepted and mandated by North America’s NYT, AP, Reuters, NABJ, SPJ, Globe and in Germany, Spain, Russia, Serbia, Finland, Hungary, Belarus, Pakistan,
  5. … allows us to defy and oppose “racism” accusation.:
    They call us “racist”, we call them DISHONEST. They say “You Hate Blacks”, we say “no, we love honesty and truth”.
    “We don’t believe in the morality of policies based on falsehoods, gag orders, and lies”.
    #HateFacts are “racist”. Facts are “racist”. The Truth is Racist.
    Hence Reappropriate “Racist”, Reclaim “Racism”. Own the Insult “Racist”!
  6. [Absolute Honesty] must be a non-negotiable single precondition to
    discuss with the PC Left or mainstream Right!

    “If you don’t
    allow us to cite true instances of ‘minority’ crime, of crime statistics, of IQ
    research, there is no basis for our debate”. 
    Before engaging in
    discussions we must request that the other party commit to logic, honesty,
    and permits #Hatefacts and #TrueSpeech. People who don’t agree to discuss
    FACTS are not worthy of losing time with. 
    We cannot obey the Lefts Code of Silence to
    restrict discussions. The “racism” taboo is the reason why we cannot even
    agree on basic realities. 
    It is harder for Leftist zealots to
    attack us when the whole TRUTH is our singular
    . In spite of the fact that #TheTruthIsRacist. We follow the
    truth wherever it leads us. The truth principle gives added power in
    discussions and forces the other side to concede to truth or to admit their
    adversity to truth
    . Many scientists stumbled upon the truth against their
    prior held beliefs.     
      1. Of course, we are open to discuss if our “Truth” could be false. We can
        discuss that only if #TrueSpeech is
    1. [Absolute Honesty] about omitted black crime was the unique focus of Colin Flaherty’s books and videos.
      These are
      a good start for discussions. (Unfortunately, most of his evidence videos
      have been removed by YouTube censors, thus making his books less powerful.)
    2. is a simple concept, a parsimonious foundation for social sciences, journalism,
      just as the atom for physics, the periodic table for Chemistry, DNA for
      genetics, the germ theory for medicine, scientific honesty is
      a necessary basis for correct social sciences and honest policies.
      Note: Scientific method and logic are
      corollaries of honesty.
      Postmodernism: Denial of Objective
      Reality and of Facts is Dishonest
      , must be shunned, shamed, discredited
    3. is necessary to stay on the path of correct science.
      false can be derived from one false premise (f ⇒ f) …
      From the (false assumption that all races are equal) ⇒ follow (Ibraim Kendi’s false CRT), Quotas, disparate impact, and also BLM
    4. … is a common ground  between Atheists Right and Christian Right (as promoted by Gab’s André
      The Bible declares omission and
      deception a sin. 
      (We might have to challenge both the Christian Right to fully obey the Biblical command to honesty; and the atheist Right to fully respect scientific and journalistic honesty. Most conservatives, in the spirit
      of Richard M Nixon still evade the full truth about
      heritable individual differences and group differences (race differences)    
    5. can be more than a symbolic “religion”.
      It is my deeply held religious belief that the “religion of
      uncompromising honesty” is the right thing to do. I hope sincerity can save the world. Leftist dishonesty and “noble lies” have caused terrible damages. My
      conscience does not permit me to play the lying game, to cover for PC’s lies.
    6. … frames many policy issues not as Right vs Left, but as True vs. False!
      At issue are
      not left vs right opinions, but false left narrative vs true right facts. That applies to school policies[&&&&&& 54,
      55], affirmative action quotas, crime prevention, etc.
    7. BLM, CRT are false; Ibram X Kendi himself admits that race differences are the alternative explanation (which, of course, is “racist” and must not be true) &&TRueSpeech

    8. … allows race realist explanations to explain parsimoniously
      what the Left explains away as “racism”

      and effect of century-old slavery!  But only if “racist” #HateFacts
      are allowed be told!
    9. [absolute honesty] … can stop faulty policies that destroy the world
      like Zimbabwe, or continue on the path like
      Detroit, Baltimore, Malmö, South Africa.  HONESTY is the NECESSARY (not sufficient) condition to save the
      world through scientifically correct policies, and to reduce suffering. I see it my religious duty to help
      preserve civilization and prosperity.
    10. [Absolute honesty as religion should confer the protection of asylum laws for religious persecution of truth-tellers
      , for religious
      persecution, just as James Watson, maybe Assange ………   
    11. … is a vaccination against  O’Sullivan’s law, aka Robert Conquest 2nd law:
      Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing”.  “Left-wingers, utterly intolerant, will not hire a non-Leftist. Leftists will harass and oust non-leftists at every opportunity.” Radical truth telling and intolerance for Leftist lies can interrupt the vicious circle, end the sneaky long march through institutions
    12. [total honesty] requires the scientists to fully disclose conflicts of interest.
        Why Trust The ‘Experts’? Politically correct gag orders
      intimidate scientists.
      If their research arrives at politically incorrect results, are they are in
      danger of being Watsoned5 for mentioning objectively true facts. Ostracism awaits those mentioning6 the high rate black crime7, or about race differences in IQ8.

    13. … makes police, teachers, government officials obliged to divulge the Truth.
      Gag orders to police[27] are in violation of democratic
      principals. Dismissals for truth-telling, like ex police officer Lori
      are unacceptable.
    14. … coincides with Richard Feynman’s “utter honesty”:
      a kind of scientific integrity, a principle of scientific thought that corresponds to a kind of utter honesty — a kind of leaning over backwards. For example, if you’re doing an experiment, you should report everything that you think might make it invalid — not only what you think is right about it: other causes that could possibly explain your results; and things you thought of that you’ve eliminated by some other experiment, and how they worked — to make sure the other fellow can tell they have been eliminated … In summary, the idea is to try to give all the information to help others to judge the value of your contribution; not just the information that leads to judgment in one particular direction or another. 
    15. … makes anti-racist claims falsifiable and testable:
      Diversity is strength9, or the morality
      “affirmative action”, integration, immigration, open borders are all unfalsifiable, if the discourse is subject to the the “racism” taboos
      of the PC Gag Order.
      If free speech, #TrueSpeech are allowed, PC becomes falsifiable (and has been falsified many times)
      Blooper videos showing failures of firewomen to kick in doors, carry heavy victims, holding
      up ladders were memory-holed and its leakage punished.
    16. … allows people to make sense of the world by engaging in formerly illegitimate “racist” statistical analyses,
      such as:
      school projects about race differences10 are easy due to not so subtle huge effect sizes
    17. [Mandatory truthfulness, non-compromising honesty, full disclosure of the whole truth . . .]
      . . .  permits us to return to true democracy whose basis is the fully informed voter. Mandatory cover-up of “minority
      crime and flaws has totally compromised compromised democracy because voters are brainwashed. We propose real
    18. .. allows our outrage that police12 and underage criminals
    19. allows us to correctly attack Marxist Leftist PC policies as  factually false, not as a different
    20. .. allows to prove that CRT is fundamentally FALSE
      (based on Inequality Taboo, the lie that destroys the world)
    21. … allows to show that BLM is fundamentally false.
      BLM only racist, but fundamentally flawed, dishonest, incorrect, based on Inequality Taboo, the lie that destroys the world
    22. [total honesty allows to] debunk leftist junk pseudo-sciences that got hold of Universities
    23. … can halt the Long march through institutions,
      cancel “laws” like
       Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes .leftist] and
      We know that media are wrong in our field of expertise; yet on other topics we trust them [Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect]
      Everything false can be derived from one false premise (f ⇒ f) …
    24. … allows to quantify Deception:
      both the “obfuscation
      ” of a single newscast,
      and resulting long term “brainwashing index” can
      be measured.
    25. (Very rare Free
      Speech Exceptions–True Speech Limitations

      need special justification
      and must not permanently hamper social sciences and policies.)
    26. … discovers hitherto ignored effects
      Multi-Level coverup – Compounded
    27. requires constant reminders that
      Black crime is much
      worse than statistics indicate
      Even taboo-breakers who expose high black criminality rarely mention that the
      reality is much worse.
    28. is #TrueSpeech, which needs even more protection than #FreeSpeech.
      Patently true facts, aka #HateFacts need even
      more protection than cranky crazy talk.13  
    29. avoids the slippery slope of legitimizing ever more lies:
      from lying about crime and IQ it is not far to lying about masks, votes, Hunter Biden laptop, Russian disinformation. Total honesty cancels the idea of lying for a good
      purpose, disallows the idea that the goal justifies dishonest means
    30. … allows hitherto taboo research to be done,
      not termination like James Watson, and repression like Arthur Jensen, J Philippe Rushton
    31. … allows taboo “racist” school projects,
      for example:  compare group differences in behavior and performance in the classroom (who is always late to class, who has bad grades, who engages in group beatings and intimidations, who fails to turn in homework)
    32. .. allows to attack Marxist Leftist PC policies as falsehoods
      not alternative “opinions”
    33. … shows that logic and scientific methods are essential for truthfulness.
      We must shun anti-science like postmodernism, and remove such medieval creed from Universities. Highly doubtful bogus like Astrology, Homeopathy, acupuncture, voodoo, and religion are less dangerous because they don’t systematically deconstruct reality.

    All 3 chapters

    1. ABSOLUTE HONESTY: a new religion! #1 OMISSION, GAG ORDERS: the mortal sins! 14!
    2. Why is UTTER HONESTY a revolutionary concept? (SCIENTIFIC HONESTY-dogma! #2) 15
    3. ABSOLUTE HONESTY: the new morality! #3 MEDIA GAG ORDERS are immoral sins!16

    Synonyms: absolute honesty /full disclosure / whole truth /complete truthfulness / full report / complete, utmost sincerity

    2 Total Honesty


    1. Complete (scientific) honesty, complete truthfulness requires revealing of all relevant facts, a full report of:

      1. counter-evidence,
      2. unexplained issues,
      3. alternative hypotheses,
      4. omitted information
      5. conflicts of interest (including Fear that telling whole truth about #HateFacts will end scientific career).

      /1 * 2

    2. Omission- with intent to mislead- is a LIE. #1 FAILURE-to-DISCLOSE-ALL is deceptive misrepresentation
      They spread misinformation by strategically omitting specific relevant details6. Deceptively they fail to disclose the whole truth. They lie by omitting racist-facts7 and “hatefacts”. Such lying is mandatory8!
    3. James Watson’s Inquisition #2
      James D. Watson, perhaps the most distinguished living American scientist, has now been kicked to the curb by the Cold Spring Harbor genetics laboratory he …

      James Watson Racist Nobel Laureate

      Thumbnail image

      Instant punishment followed James Watson’s sacrilegious comment that he is “inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa,” since “all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours — whereas testing says not really.” [Independent]

    4. Forbidden to mention embarrassing facts about “minorities …

      Forbidden to say negative facts about minorities, to avoid stirring up …

      #TrueSpeech is Forbidden, True Facts are Taboo. #TrueSpeech is …

    5. Black crime much worse than statistics indicate // Black People Responsible for Virtually All Crime in.. //John Derbyshire: Interracial Crime Stats—Black-On-White Crime Is Going Up // Earlier by John Derbyshire: Let’s Count Black-On-White Crime In Slavery Reparations Calculation!
    6. Rushton, J. P., & Jensen, A. R. THIRTY YEARS OF RESEARCH ON RACE , Psychology, Public Policy, and Law 2005, Vol. 11, No. 2, 235–294//James Watson Racist Nobel Laureate

      Scientific truths must not be said in our politically correct world. Like DNA structure co-discoverer James D. Watson in 2007 by Anti-Racists, Harvard President Larry Summers was destroyed by feminists in 2005  [Further Discussion about the permanence of the racial IQ gap in Takimag]

      1. James Watson tells the inconvenient truth, faces the consequences [short version]: “Nature should be fighting political correctness on behalf of science, not joining a vigilante gang of self-appointed moral guardians who are crushing forthright scientific discourse under the banner of ‘sensitivity’. ” 
      2. Rushton, J. P., & Jensen, A. R. (2008). James Watson’s most inconvenient truth: Race realism and the moralistic fallacy. Medical Hypotheses, 71, 629-640.
      3. Rushton, J. P., & Jensen, A. R. THIRTY YEARS OF RESEARCH ON RACE , Psychology, Public Policy, and Law 2005, Vol. 11, No. 2, 235–294

    7. Affirmative Action & Quotas can’t be criticized. Thus “Diversity is strength” is unfalsifiable #1! //“Diversity is strength” is UNFALSIFIABLE #2 –due to PC speech taboos
    8. stand by a traffic light near a US college. Watch which races do the jaywalking. // Stand at a high school entrance, watch which races arrive late // Interview students (under guarantee of confidentiality) on who (violently) bullies and intimidates them, by race// Interview students on who they bully and attack (yes, Blacks proudly post their violence on worldstarhiphop.com)
    9. Police gag order to protect national minorities from discrimination …[/note] and media are under strict orders to lie (by omission) to the voting public? The
      misguided brainwashed voter is the bankruptcy of democracy. How can a “democrat” consider the public so immature
      that wholesale biased information is necessary.
    10. … returns human dignity to the voter. We categorically reject the contemptuous, inhumane PC idea that
      immature citizens must be patronized. In order to protect adult citizen voters from prejudice, PC demands they
      must be treated like a child, and protected from worldly truth like “minority” crime. We consider censoring  #TrueSpeech about true #HateFacts is contemptuous and inhumane.
    11. … means that we treat citizens as mature, responsible adults that are capable of hearing the truth.   Prejudice often is
      . (Stereotype accuracy)
    12. ..  honesty requirement includes the necessity of free availability of information about cruelty11Sensational Violence, Human Dignity, Young Persons: True Speech

    13. #TrueSpeech includes possible or likely hypotheses, without the need of
      total proof …….. Genetic predisposition to crime and low IQ is undeniably a possible hypothesis and thus
      #TrueSpeech before we agree on the evidence that it is the absolute truth.
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