4Honesty Rule: Shun dishonesty! Practice total (scientific) honesty.

    1. 4HONESTY RULE: Shun dishonesty, practice total (scientific) honesty.
    2. HONEST FULL DISCLOSURE is a world changing necessity. PC misleads by omitting important facts1. It is urgent to add missing information2, to thus debunk PC’s false narratives!
    3. PC taboos prohibit honest discussion of factually true “HateFacts”3.
      1. PC’s Inequality Taboo, the lie that destroys the world4
    4. Such repression of true speech5 is the root cause for the corruption of social sciences, of journalism, of democracy!
    5. NO to manipulation: no to omission & cherry-picking, no to rhetorical
      trickery. Yes to HONEST FULL DISCLOSURE!
    6. Half a century of PC repression of true speech have left Western society in a brainwashed stupor! The root cause are lies by omission, as mandated by PC gag orders!
    7. Everything false can be derived from one false premise (f ⇒ f) … .
      1. BLM, CRT, Diversity, Quotas6, IQ7 and SAT denial are inevitable logical consequences of egalitarian dogma.
      2. PC cannot be falsified8 within the Overton window of acceptable PC speech. Proving BLM, CRT, Quotas wrong required disobeying PC speech restrictions
      3. Due to MultiLevel coverup – Compounded repression, actually Black crime is much worse than statistics indicate9.

    1. We strive to measure and quantify both
      1. incorrect beliefs about the world (PCbrainwashing
      2. misleading dishonest PC reporting (“obfuscation

  1. (Very rare Free Speech Exceptions–True Speech Limitations need special justification and must not permanently hamper social sciences and policies.)



Forbidden to say anything negative about minorities, to avoid stirring up prejudices


  1. Truth not permissible //REQUIRED TO LIE – Social acceptance of PC‘s dishonesty is the …// It’s deemed virtuous: to lie, to omit, to deceive (about “minority” crime . // Forbidden to say anything negative about minorities, to avoid stirring up prejudices
  2. Omission- with intent to mislead- is a LIE. #1 FAILURE-to-DISCLOSE-ALL is deceptive misrepresentation
  3. #Hatefacts are truths that must not be spoken, truths that will get censored.
  4. PC’s Equality dogma: Human Universalism, the Most Dangerous Doctrine
  5. #TrueSpeech is Forbidden, True Facts are Taboo. #TrueSpeech is … //Sensational Violence, Human Dignity, Young Persons: True Speech
  6. Affirmative Action & Quotas can’t be criticized. Thus “Diversity is strength” is unfalsifiable #1!
  7. Taboo to Discuss Taboo about Race-and-IQ-Research
  8. “Diversity is strength” is UNFALSIFIABLE #2 –due to PC speech
  9.   Even taboo-breakers who expose high black criminality rarely mention that their statistics show only embellished data